Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Don't mess with the "genes"

Throughout the month, we have been reading and watching things that can show that there are studies about genetic engineering. We are looking to find way to change the genetics for our children and finding a way to help cure cancer or different diseases. Although, being able to change your children's genetics or maybe even your own, it could come with consequences. You don’t know what could happen if you are allowed to change the genetics but at the same, it could be a good experience.
We shouldn’t be able to develop genetic engineering technologies. If we were allowed to edit our new born babies genes, it could defect the baby in the future. According to the article, it states, “It’s not just changing one child's genes, but also changing everyone in that child's future lineage.” Meaning that if you change your child's genes, your also changing the family line of the kids genes. This gene could show how specific genes can be sent out and with different kinds of cells that has its own genetic code.
Another reason that you shouldn’t be able to alter your genes is because you don’t know what could happen to your children’s gene. By doing this this would probably mess us your children in the future but you could never know. It could change the way they act or even the way there physical look will look like. You can never know what could happen because this is something that our generation is trying to figure out now. In Gattaca, it showed how a life would look like in the future if we were allowed to change our children’s genetics. The children didn’t really have a choice if they wanted to get there genes changes, it was just the perfect child for the parents.

In conclusion, being able to change there genes shouldn’t be something that we should be able to mess with. You could never know what could happen if we were allowed to do this. I feel as though we should be able to look forward in the research an see if we can solve some of the disease. But, if we mess with genes we could never know that we could be messing with, and what could happen in the future.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Just a basic intro...

Hello local bloggers,

My name is Ayanna Jones(14), i'm a local student at Collingswood High school. I enjoy playing volleyball, softball and this year I will be running track for the first time. One of my favorite subjects that I like to study is biology and mathematics. During my free-time I like to take photos with my friends and take adventures by riding bikes. Since it's the beginning of the year, I'm just getting used to being a freshman and I'm enjoying it. I hope that the next 4 years of high school will be great and i'll enjoy myself.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Writing Challenge: Root words

Root word~ soph(wise)

Pansophy, Philosophizer, Philosophier, Sophomore

Randy, a current sophomore at Collingswood Highschool, has been illegally selling fun dip at a recent corner store. Cops reported that he has been stealing gallons of sugar. Randy was running through California when he met a philosophier who had short hair and green eyes. The philosphier had then gave Ranyd magical powers and he became a Pansophy.He was so smart that he didn't need the fun dip anymore.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

What is it that you will do with your one wild and precious life?

When I grow up I want to be a lawyer. But, really I want to be a softball player. It's so hard to choose with a life like mine. My parents/ my family really like sports and I feel like they really want me to do that when I grow up. My real plan when I grow up is to be a successful lawyer but, I really don't think thats what I want to do with my life. I have so many ideas and so many plans that I want to do with my life. I want to raise a family but if I do want to raise a family I really have to spend time with them which means that I can't be out too late or I will not be able to actually spend time with them. In my mind I want to be a softball player, softball coach, physical trainer, lawyer, teacher and a musican. But, I have to make a game plan when I start to go into college so I can have a little more expirence and get to see more things I want to do. Inconclusion, I really don't know what to do with my wild and precious life right now. But, when the time comes I will be happy with my new life and the choice I had made.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Ayanna Jones- Horror Story- Bloody Friday

As Grace  and I ran out of the building we yell “Jacob  hurry up you're going to get yourself killed.”

“ So, what actually happened” said Jacob .
Grace’s Point of view:
It all started when I woke up this morning. I could feel the cold breezy air touch my feet. . The leaves crunched every time it hit the ground and I got the chills every time they fell.  I then woke up and started my normal morning procedures.  As, I am struggling to brush my teeth I smell the crisp of the bacon on the stove sizzling. I then walk down the stairs like a zombie and trip down almost all of my staircase and there was no carpeting.

“Ouchhh” I whispered to myself. I then started to limp down into the kitchen and act like nothing happened.

“Hey mom, are you having a good morning”. She didn’t answer it was like my mom was dead but she was still cooking. “Hello, mom… .Earth to mom.. Hey look it’s Blake Shelton giving out free autographs.”

“WHERE IS BLAKE I NEED TO FIND BLAKE?” said mother. “Good morning sweetie sorry I didn’t answer, I was just half asleep. Last night I couldn’t go to sleep. Something came in our house the other night and stole daddy’s pancake award
I wondered  What  are Sydney, Jacob, and Andrew doing today? Maybe we can hang out? We can probably go to the movies or the mall.  Sydney then ran up the stairs like a star chasing the moon. She then skype them all at the same time and told them what they should do today.

Sydney's Point of view:

Ok, what should I wear? We are going to hang out with Grace, Sydney and Jacob” said Sydney

“Sydney, hurry up, Grace  is out here to pick you up” said mother.
“What why is Grace here super early” I said

I  pulled out my fur coat and my  Uggs, and threw on my sweatpants. I then ran down the stairs as fast as I can so I didn’t have to see my mother.

“Hey sweetie. Are you ok you seem a little pale?” said mother

Silence then disperse into the room. Grace and I then ran out of the room and out of the door.

“Grace , why are you such in a rush to go out of your house? I wanted to see your mother and talk to her.”

“I’m embarrassed of my mother….” I mumbled.

“What! Grace  just tell me you haven’t talked to me at all every since your father passed away.”

As I looked into Grace’s light green eyes I started to cry. Grace’s eyes were so powerful that I couldn’t stand it at all.

“I felt like I was alone in the universe all by myself with nobody to help me deal with my

“It’s alright Sydney you always got your back. I am your best and your only friend unfortunately ”she said with great zeal.

We then started walking Jacob and Andrew’s house. For the first 5 minutes we were quiet then we started talking about pickles and peanut butter for some reason. We then arrived at Joshua’s house. His house was red and had a sweet and spicy smell every time you walked in between the door. As we approached the porch we saw a small button that said “DO NOT PUSH” Grace pushed the button. We started falling like the tower of Siloam.

“OHHHHH….” we yelled.
We then approached what looks like a cave or a lab. We looked at each other with frightened and distraught faces. We then saw a moving figure moving in dark. The figure was coming closer and closer.

“BOOOOOOOH” said Jacob.

“Dude, that isn’t funny why would you do that?” said Sydney

“Wow! Looks like Miss quiet person is finally talking to today” said Jacob.

“Ok, look you need to stop being and jerk and why did your floor bring us down into this weird place?”said Grace.

Jacob’s Point of view:

“Well,  maybe I was just curious that the girl who tries not talk to her best friends for almost a month wants to talk now. Also, I created my floor thingy yesterday after Andrew told me that there were things stolen for the past 4 weeks in each house in the whole block and my Mom and I could be in real danger. So, I unscrewed my floor patting and I discovered that there was a tunnel under so, I slid thru the tube that leads the person down to my bunker for any situation.”

“Ok now I am sort of getting creeped out, so is it possible that we can leave or escaped this weird bunker ” said Grace.

Jacob then at that exact moment started to lead to the elevator near his bed.

“Jacob, how do you have time to do this? You’re on the soccer team and then you have an algebra test like every single day.”said Grace.

“Well, after sports I sprint home so I can get started and then I go to the junkyard down the street and get some wood and supplies to create this bunker.”

When we arrived outside we saw Andrew standing outside with a mask on saying let’s go, let’s go to the mall.

“Andrew!Get out of that mask right now.” said Sydney. There was complete silence after that. We then discovered that wasn’t Andrew. Andrew was running down the street with a
boning knife. He then came in and slithered his throat open. Sydney and I stared at each other with weird look as we looked down at the dead body that was just laying on the ground.

“Let’s go guys we have to hide this body, the mall will be a perfect place. Just throw him in this pillowcase so nobody can see.”

“Andrew are you nuts? You just killed someone in that mask.” I yelled.

“Ok, I know this might look completely weird but there is a group of gangs that are trying to kill me and my family and you can be the next person. I explain on the way to the mall let’s go.” We then ran to the mall with our hearts beating at 1,000 miles per second.

“Ok, so what happened”. said Jacob

“Ok, so I was hanging out with the gang and we were just doing are regular thing smoking near the target. Then, Myles the leader told me something he said “There’s a girl ghost named Abby and she comes every night to talk to me”. I didn't’ believe him but I then started to tell the whole school. He then started to come after me and so did Abby. Abby was actually real. She started to come to my house and speak in my heart every time I told a new person.”

“Oh, well why did you just kill that guy”. said Grace

“Well, that guy in the mask was actually a ghost and we need to go somewhere to hide so they don't come after us.” said Andrew

We then started to sprint all the way to the mall. When we arrived there nobody was outside so we ran in the mall with pride.

“Ok, where should we go?” said Jacob

“Maybe we should go into the mall and just act like the same people. So, we can sort of blend in.” said Andrew
We then started pacing into the mall. We looked at the funny glasses and the food.
“I have to use the bathroom. It’s like a huge emergency.” said  Andrew

“Well, hurry back because all of this stuff started to scare me” said Sydney.

Hours started to past since Andrew had to use the bathroom. We started to run everywhere asking where he was  and what bathroom did you use. Andrew’s neck was tied by a rope. Andrew’s face a red and the blood started to squeeze out.

I know you who you told. I know who you killed in front of Jacob’s house. And Abigail knows too. So, because you told this you are going to pay. I think you already know about Andrew.  But look down.

We then looked down and we started to see Andrew’s blood smeared into words and it said

“You're going to die”.

After they had read the words all you heard was silence and the lights in the whole mall turned off. Everyone in the mall started to scream in pain. We heard shopping carts being thrown at little children. We heard people trying to figure out where to go, and trying to turn their lights on but they didn’t turn on.

“Why, isnt the lights turning on.” said the Gentlemen

As the lights turn on everyone in the mall was dead. All the dead bodies looked like they were swimming in a pool of blood. We jumped over the bodies like we were jumping off of rocks at the pond. We turned around slowly, knowing that someone was behind us. But, when we turned around nobody was there, and Andrew’s body wasn’t there either

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Mysterious Store

As the bell rang, I stormed out of honors math and into the locker room. I took of my shirt and pants and threw on my old, dirty rusty baseball uniform. As his other teammates stormed in they all got dressed at approximately two minutes. “Be competitive and do your best”. Me and my teammates were all together and we were running with excitement. As me and Jackson went into the bus we ran into Claudia (I’s Best Friend). “What's up Claudia” said Jackson.

Hiiii Claudia” said Austin. “Dawson, Padilla in the bus now! said Coach Baldwin. We scurried to the bus and went in. When we got to the  I stormed out of the bus and onto the field as fast a s cheetah. The game began. It was finally the 6th inning and we were down by three. We had 2 people on base and  it was all up to ,me  to make the final hit of the game.  I gave the pitcher a weird look, he swung the bat so hard the he could feel the zing of the bat.  I ran as fast as a Peregrine falcon, all the way to home base. They were now officially the best team in the whole country.

As me and Jackson started walking  home we saw Claudia riding her bike down to a little store that looked like it was abandoned.  What is Claudia doing in that little store at 9:00 pm. Me and Jackson started to follow Claudia in the weird store. As we approached the weird looking store we saw Claudia going and started to turn the music up really loud. “Claudia what are you doing in this weird looking store it’s 9:00 pm”. said Jackson.

“ I don’t know… I just like coming in her to be alone and listen to my music” said Claudia. “Well why didn’t you tell us… We could help you make this store actually something. We can decorate the walls and floors and we can make it like a music store or something” said Austin. As frightened as I was he thought maybe Claudia was not going to like what he said. Maybe she just wanted this place to be hers and hers only. “That’ sounds like a brilliant idea”. “We could definitely make this place a music store we could buy paint and wall paper oh it will be brilliant”. “But where will be getting all this money from, maybe I could ask family members and we could definitely could have a fundraiser or  something” said Jackson.

We could sell things that we don't want anymore.” I have a IPad that I haven’t used in centuries maybe I could sell that” said I. “I guess we are going to make a music store we will talk more about it tomorrow during
free period…see you there.”

The next day we met up with Claudia and started to build a game plan for our new store. “ Austin you are in charge of the Fundraiser you have more potential then all of us.” Jackson you are in charge of the designs in front of the store, and how that is going to work out as. “And I’ll be in charge of getting the music instruments and the things for the music store to make it look beautiful and new. “Are you sure that you can deal with all of this, I mean that costs like millions and millions of dollars it is really important that you know what you are doing. I can help you if you want with the management and stuff.” I said. “It’s fine I think we should  figure that out after we actually create the store.” After last period we went straight down the abandoned store.  We got all our supplies and starting working. We painted the walls and the floors.

The next day we were in the park and started to create a fundraiser. We had a rafting booth and whoever won would get a free IPad. When the town  saw the booth they immediately came running to our fundraiser. Claudia started to created a water ice stand for 50$. Then, Jackson had different kinds of ideas for the kids and parents to do while they were in the park. We turned on some music and everyone was having a great time. At the end of the fundraiser we got the total vote. “And the winner is…….. Raylen Davis. The constant winner got up and received her prize while also getting a picture with the all star player Austin.

After everyone went home and we counted up all the money we have made from the fundraiser.
TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!!!!!! We immediately ran down to the store and immediately got small instruments. We got Harmonicas, Guitars, Piano, keyboards. For hundred dollars each. We got everything that we had needed to create this brilliant store. When we got back to the store we started to setting  up the place and the things that will go inside of the store. After a while we immediately fell like flies. We were all tired and could barely feel our feet.  (yawing) “What time is?” I looked at my phone and it was 5:00 am. We immediately called are parents saying that we were at a friends house. We had to lie, if we told them the  truth they would shut us down because we don’t have any experience with business at all. We started getting ready for school and picked up breakfast at a local corner store. “Dude didn’t we have a practice yesterday”said Jackson. “Oh my Gosh we forgot to go to practice Coach Baldwin is going to kill us.” As we got to school we saw Coach Baldwin standing right infront of my locker. “Dawson where were you yesterday we were practicing batting yesterday.”said Coach. He gave me a glare. “Dawson we have 5 days till playoffs and I don’t want you and McDonald to ruin it.’

The next day we starting to figure out what the design will be for the outside of the store. “Well because I came up with the idea of creating the store I will decorate they way I want to.”said Austin.  “Well, I thought I could make it the way I wanted because I am just awesome.”said Jackson. “Well I thought because I found the store I will decide”said Claudia. We have been arguing for about and hour. “STOP, we have to STOP we are highschoolers and are lives aren't going to get easier if we don’t stop. “How about we collaborate ideas, if we don’t then we have wasted time to  create the greatest store of all time.”said Claudia. “She’s  right maybe we need to collaborate for to create are store. Austin we have to get on the field before game we can’t miss this game you know that.” said Jackson. “I thought that we were going to start the front of the store and design it to make it cool”said Claudia. “Sorry but if we miss this game we could be kicked off the team.”said Austin.  “So you are going to pick your team, instead of your best friend who has been there for you all the time.”said Claudia

“Claudia I am sorry but the team needs me. Without me they will be hopeless.”said I “So you think that your team sucks guess because I am apart of that team that I should be getting the same support then always.”Jackson i didn’t mean….”Yes you did it’s fine IF you go with your perfect team because I quit baseball and I quit making this dum store. Jackson stormed out of the doors and into the park.”Well I quit too you know you were a better bestfriend when you were younger but now you are different why can’t you just be the same.

“I quit making this store and I quit being your best friend.”said Claudia. As Claudia stormed out with Jackson, I lonely and confused. As he went onto the field we got ready for the good game. every time I went up to bat he would get nervous(which he never does) and miss the ball every time. “I what did you do today. “Why did you perform so badly when you could of been in practice working your butt off instead of hanging out with that girl. That girl is a waste of time. You need to be worrying out baseball and stop worrying about that girl. And where is Jackson. “You know that girl has a name and it’s Claudia.You know your not going to disrespect my friend that.

“And Jackson quit and i'm sorry but I quit too” I said. “I you get back her or you're doing 50 push up in gym tomorrow.”said Coach Baldwin. “Go ahead whatever it takes to get away from you.” I ran all around the school to find Claudia to tell her the great news. “Claudia” “What aren't you too busy with your baseball team.” “No because of I quit for you …. and Jackson of course.” You know Claudia I just wanted to say that I don’t deserve you in life.” In my head I was thinking how beautiful she was each time she talked. “Blah...Blah… Blah I forgive you. She gave me a huge hug. Ok come on let's go find Jackson.  I felt so comfortable when we were finding Jackson . As we were walking I gave her a kiss on the cheek. Her face blushed. “What was that for”. “I don’t know I just wanted to say that I had a huge crush on you every since kindergarten. I was just afraid to tell you. But, now because we were in highschool I just thought.” “Can we please save these for later after we find Jackson and talk. “FYI, I had a crush on you too, but for now let's go find are best friend.

“Where would Jackson be. It’s not too many places for a young,tall,skinny boy to be.” “Hello I, Claudia are you here.” “Jackson” said me and Claudia. We ran up to Jackson and gave him a huge hug. “ Jackson we're sorry you are the most talented baseball player I know. You are my best friend and you're always by my side no matter what.” Jackson pulled me aside. “Dude I think that this is the time that you tell Claudia that you have been liking her for almost 9 years.” “Dude, I told her and I kiss her let’s talk about later okay.” We all celebrate our friendship reuniting again, by getting us chocolate chip cookie sundae.” “We all sat in the ice cream parlor and ate delicious ice cream. On that day we became best friends again.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Story entry

As the bell rang, I stormed out of honors math and into the  locker room. I took of my shirt and pants and threw on my old, dirty, rusty baseball uniform. As his other teammates stormed in they all got dressed at approximate two minutes. As all the boys got ready I made a announcement to the team. "Listen up boys, today is the day we make our mar. We needed to go out there and show Redwood High that we are stronger and we can do it. Be competitive and do the best". Me and my teammates were all together and we running to the bus with excitement. As me and Jackson  went into the bus we ran into Claudia (Austin's Best friend). What's up Claudia" said Jackson.